Mark 13 - survival

It is hard to imagine owning only one rifle, but I have in fact known men who did. A popular quote from long ago is: “Beware the man with only one rifle as he knows how to use it.” That is generally a true statement. But this certainly doesn’t mean that all people who own one rifle are adept at using it. Nor does it mean those with multiple rifles are not proficient.

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Lisa Bowerman would ironically make her debut in Doctor Who during its final classic episode, as Karra . However, she would later become more widely recognisable for her portrayal as Bernice Summerfield , a character introduced in and adapted from the Virgin New Adventures novels which continued the series and the adventures of the Seventh Doctor in printed format.

Mark 13 - SurvivalMark 13 - SurvivalMark 13 - SurvivalMark 13 - Survival