The believers - gotta keep holding on

Believers was met with positive reviews from music critics . Alec Siegel of DJBooth gave the album four and half stars out of five, saying "Although the majority of Believers is a high quality melting pot of sounds and vocals, the album has its flaws, and hits an especially rough patch of three tracks beginning with My Life and ending with Tear Sh*t Down. The latter’s chorus sounds like a throwaway Black Eyed Peas song, and Wrekonize and Bernz seem to slow down their flow and dumb down their lyrics a bit. The former is repetitive in its beat and hook, and cliché in its concept and execution. This sobering, short lived mid-album dip in quality doesn’t last long though, as the band picks things up immediately and finishes the festivities with some of the album’s best tracks (Forever New, Shortcuts and Dead Ends)." [6] Andres Vasquez of HipHopDX gave the album four out of five stars, saying " Believers is another notch in Strange Music’s belt, one that explains why ¡Mayday! has become such a highly touted group. It’s an example of how a mash-up of genres can be executed well, without watering down all of the Hip Hop ingredients. It isn’t a straight-up Hip Hop record, but then again, as mentioned, it’s really hard to categorize it. Instead, it stands as a strong showing, even if done with an outside-the-box approach you can’t label. Now if genre-bending ain’t for you, this album may not be either. However, if a mind is open to different styles and various influences, then even naysayers may turn into Believers." [7] David Jeffries of AllMusic gave the album three and a half stars out of five, saying "Strange thing is, everything works, and yet Believers doesn't flow as well as 2012's like-minded Take Me to Your Leader . Still, it's best to think of this album as a worthy second choice rather than a significant step down." [5]

The Believers - Gotta Keep Holding OnThe Believers - Gotta Keep Holding OnThe Believers - Gotta Keep Holding OnThe Believers - Gotta Keep Holding On