Various - junglized sampler

It is no wonder that the fading of white race-ism is leading to the rise of Jungle and Jihad.
Loss of white race-ism means that white men aren’t allowed to unite to defend white manhood and white pride. In the past, white men did just that. When faced with Zulu savages, white men all worked together to fight them like in the Michael Caine movie. And in the American South, white men united against black crime. Since a Negro could whup a whitey on a one-on-one basis, whites had to work together to catch the black thug rapist and hang him from a tree to send a message to other would-be-Negro thugs. Also, white race-ism kept Jungle Fever under control. Since white men worked together to keep the power and maintain racial pride, white women respected white men and had children with them. Also, as any white woman who went with a Negro was castigated or even criminalized, white womenfolk weren’t likely to betray their own race.

On the campaign trail coming up to the 2012 election, Republican hopeful Herman Cain confessed to not knowing who was the president of, quote, “Ubeki-beki-beki-beki ...

Launched in 1998 in collaboration with Brazilian A&R/Producer Béco Dranoff , Ziriguiboom's aim was to present original and as-yet-unexposed aspects of Brazilian music to international audiences. It quickly became one of the global hubs for the new wave of Brazilian music, and has brought Crammed its biggest commercial success to date with Bebel Gilberto 's debut album Tanto Tempo (which sold one million units worldwide). [18] Ziriguiboom also signed and released albums by artists such as Celso Fonseca , Cibelle , Zuco 103 , Trio Mocotó , Bossacucanova , DJ Dolores , Apollo Nove and the late Suba .

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Various - Junglized Sampler